Cooking and entertainment platform.

Award winning Chef, media Host, and Author, Nik Manojlovich found himself sharing new recipes from his cottage during the lockdown. As word got out, appetite for his signature style quickly grew into a full blown cooking and entertainment platform. Partnering with Kollectiv Consulting, we helped elevate and expand: strategic positioning; brand identity; audience viewership, ad revenue; and their own line of store-ready products.

Art Direction, Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity, Creative Direction, Digital/Print Collateral, Packaging

The Northern Ontario setting mixed with Nik’s personality and simple yet achievable dishes are what sets the brand apart. Inspiration for the entire brand and the energy that each component carries.

Within the new graphic icon is subtle, yet detailed composition. Viewers are invited to explore and interpret the symbol each in their own way and give it their own story. Just like a weekend at the cottage, the logo is yours to give meaning and memory. A fire, wave, basket, or an a-frame, the experience is the most important part.

A series of dynamic patterns pulled from the primary mark become the common visual language for the entire brand. Multi dimensional shapes become geometric boxes and stars. Interwoven lines become fabric and stitching.

A stylized ‘logo-badge’ addresses challenges in brand ownership and functionality.

Abstract shapes invite you to explore, interpret, and create your own Weekend At The Cottage story.

Woven patterns thread the brand together.

‘Mise en place‘ — ready for all future brand applications.

Nik’s ‘signature’ tagline adds a hand crafted element through the brand.

Newly launched branded products explore apetite and interests.

Interested in building a brand that engages employees, inspires ideas, and creates culture — we should talk.

I just HAVE to say… how much I (we) absolutely LOVE our new LOGO… and the entire rebrand. It makes me proud and inspires me…