Executive coaching.

When Michael Rossi, president of adidas Canada and board member at the Terry Fox Foundation told us he was spearheading a new Thought Leadership practice — we knew it was going to be something totally different. Over the course of 18 months we helped this visionary leader transition from one of the world’s largest apparel companies into a Coaching Practice that leverages empathy and experience to shape the corporate executives of tomorrow.

Art Direction, Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity, Digital/Print Collateral, Photography Direction, Strategy
Creative Director, Strategy

Rossi came to us with energy, a name, and an idea — that ‘Everyone has a voice’. Leveraging his beliefs and enthusiasm, we helped craft the core pillars of the brand positioning before designing and rolling out key communication collateral. Starting from a thin line that grows into a confident logo, we shaped a series of iconography and visual patterns that scale and echo across all communication materials.

Visuals metaphors and in-nature imagery are a running theme through the creative extensions. We co-directed the small photo library for current and future use directing and designing the entire responsive website.

The name ‘Voce’, Italian for voice, leverages Rossi’s cultural roots and became the cornerstone for the brand. A theme that’s been threaded throughout each elements; from the icon that grows confidently to subtly alter the name to ‘Voice’ to the patterns of nature echoed and celebrated throughout the brand.

‘Everyone has a voice.’ is the brand ethos that drives every component of the strategy.

An identity system centering on the concept of growth — and expressed into Coaching, Consulting, Speaking and Leadership.

A library of imagery shot for the site and secondary promotions.

The toolkit applied to responsive digital applications is the cornerstone of communications.

Brand assets and applications are refined yet full of character.

Interested in designing an environment that engages employees, inspires ideas, and creates culture — we should talk.

Keith’s ability to help you understand, shape and express your brand promise across all touchpoints is outstanding. I’m so appreciative of his vision in helping to create the identity for Voce Leadership.