Show-me a new kind of entertainment.

Back before ‘Netflix and chill’ had completely replaced ‘dinner & a movie’, the digital streaming giant had a few organizations take some runs at streaming content.

Rogers Media developed a content streaming platform to work seamlessly with the corporations overarching cable platforms, leveraging their robust background in broadcast and programming. Reaching national cable customers, Shomi launched into highly competitive marketplace across Canada. Our internal team conceptualized some strong advertising campaigns before landing on a direction that would help support the client launch the brand and help them win Marketer of the year.

Art Direction, Campaign Development, Digital/Print Collateral
Art Director
The Full Story
Just The Basics

The parent identity and brand strategy, developed by Method in NYC was taken by our in-house creative team and given an extra level of design application. Building out various positioning campaigns to help launch the product, we struck some gold, but also some rocks.

A system of graphics and copy rallied around the whimsical name and simplicity of the logotype. We explored a variety of creative directions and had some solid campaign platforms that utilized the icon bars to help create iconic stories on the platform, explored the merger of names and graphics, and looked to launch the voice of something fun. Sadly, the campaign wasn’t enough to compensate with the size and might of the category leader.

But they’re yet to show-me an advertising campaign as fun as these.

As a campaign alternate, we let the brand logo visually tell our story.

The final campaign utilized our concept of  key art with key messaging.