3M sq/ft of coworking space.

Sharespace is the corporate workspace of the future and we helped design it. Starting with a 1-million square foot building in Brampton and 3 office towers Toronto, Rogers championed the largest office transformation program in Canadian history. The & Good Company team led the strategy, design, and application of all spatial graphics before creating robust guidelines and standards for applications. This included internal branding, complete way-finding system, cafeterias, in-house educational spaces, room booking systems, and overall communications. In total, over 100,000 square feet of inspiring and functional graphics applied internationally.

Art Direction, Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity, Copywriting, Digital/Print Collateral, Environmental Graphics, Event Branding, Naming, Photography, Photography Direction, Signage, Strategy, Wayfinding
Creative Director

A new, modular, open concept workspace engaged international experts spanning architecture, human ergonomics, spatial design, wellbeing, communication, and construction. Rogers Corporate Architects teamed up with international architect HOK and OCS+Steelcase in an effort to lead the $200 million investment made by the company.

Our team was engaged in the early phases of construction and worked to define a visual architecture application strategy for all environmental graphics. A consistent methodology was applied to secondary spaces across the country and support centres internationally.

A strategy was developed to support and reinforce the community layers set in place by the architectural building philosophy. Three key areas defined the approach: Neighbourhood, Municipal, and Businesses. This community approach helped define the entire program from 1,500 seat eateries to new-hire educational centres.

The corporate offices are experiencing a radical transformation not seen in over a century. The pandemic has opened new doors and closed many for business environments across the globe. How and where we work in now flexible, open and shared.

A cohesive design system of colour, pattern, and graphics work as inspiration and strategic orientation purposes throughout the national program.

The Brampton Campus — 1,000,000 square foot workspace spanning almost 1 city block.

The Toronto Campus — 96,000 square feet spread across 3 towers housing the corporate head offices.

The TED — 30,000 square feet, 1,500 seat eatery supported with 6 food stations.

The Radio Cafe — a 500 seat cafe and thoroughfare highlighted with live-to-air DJ booths, built in concert stage, celebrity autographed wall, and a two story shelf that functions as a museum.

National wayfinding program included digital and fixed applications for: mapping, room booking system, landmarks, orientation and directional signage.

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