The 21st Century Rebrand.

As the world shifts and changes, we need to reimagine what the brand of the future looks like.

Ad agencies, in-house creatives, and seasoned consultants all have their own model and methods for building a brand.

And with their expertise typically comes a set of complicated diagrams, maps and formulas.

Have you seen some of those consulting maps?

We experts tend to make things so complicated (yes, present company included).

But what if there was a better way?
– A simplified, purposeful system.
– Rooted in the best practices of yesterday.
– Flexible for the organizations of tomorrow.

Welcome to the 21st Century Rebrand.

A new strategy to help organizations scale impact, value, and culture with greater understanding.

At the centre of it all, 3 universal building blocks:

The essence from which all brands are built.

Absorbed, designed, and built from the inside-out.

How you’re seen.
How you’re heard.
& How you’re felt.



Hey, I’m Keith, a Chief Creative Officer, TEDx speaker, and co-founder of a charity called Brandvan. After two decades of building some of Canada’s biggest brands, I started & Good Company, an idea design consultancy that helps people and the planet. I live with my amazing partner Vickie and our two sons in a century-old octagon house on a farm in Niagara. 

In the past, I’ve helped Rogers with a $35M rebrand; supported the NHL with a $6B / 12-year broadcast deal; launched professional sports teams like the Toronto Football Club; and designed the interior graphics and way-finding for 3M square feet of office space — the largest office transformation program in Canadian history.

To learn more about how brand and innovation design can help your organization, email me at