Autism Innovation Lab.

Have you ever wondered what a business incubator is? Typically it’s a space designed to support and accelerate the growth of business ventures. It takes the concept of a scientific laboratory and applies it into the business context. So what happens when we replace ‘business ’with ‘social good’. Good things get accelerated!

That’s why we were excited to partner with SAAAC Autism Centre to help imagine and shape their own incubator. SAAAC LAB is a micro-incubator designed to support organizations developing their Go-To-Market strategies as they enter the new open marketplace for Autism services in Ontario. Our team helped with the strategic design and build of the program before launching it with a new sub-brand identity and platform.

Brand Identity, Creative Direction, Digital/Print Collateral, Idea Design, Innovation Design, Naming, Strategy

At the forefront of innovation for almost a decade, SAAAC continually moves the needle because they think outside of the box.

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