Autism learning centres.

Over a decade ago, Geeta Moorthy began giving free Autism support from the basement of her family’s home. As demand for services and space grew — so did the need for smarter design and better branding. & Good Company has proudly helped SAAAC scale into three multicultural learning centres; design inspiring clinical spaces; build an ecosystem of digital resources; champion an educational learning portal; and brand everything from innovation labs to fundraising events.

Advertising Campaigns, Art Direction, Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity, Copywriting, Digital Product Design, Digital/Print Collateral, Interior Design, Motion Graphics, Naming, Strategy

In parallel with launching their new 11,000 square foot space in Scarborough, we helped the leadership team build a timeless / professional identity system, cohesive brand standards, and a suite of both print and digital communications. 

SAAACs new design system builds confidence in the board and leadership team, pride with staff and volunteers, and dignity for participants and caregivers. Their brand is now a marquee landmark for industry professionals, donors, and politicians alike.

Special to us is the SAAAC volunteer portal. An e-learning tool used in the recruitment, on-boarding, and education of new and potential volunteers. A linear education model that uses ‘edutainment’ and interactivity to teach the core fundamentals of Autism to new audiences. A standardization of information that reduces onboarding, cuts staffing costs, expedites processes, and expands the market. 

Today, their three locations serve over 600 families and continue to grow with over 150 volunteers. SAAAC Labs is an incubator that drives autism business and innovation in Canada while they champion culturally responsive tools, programming and clinical services. 

SAAAC holds a timeless place in our hearts. As the first group we partnered with when we launched in 2018, we truly are in Good Company.

Core graphic devices are composed of stylized primary shapes; triangle, square, rectangle, circle. We don’t use a box because it’s our job to find solutions outside of it.

The brochure and card system is designed with more thought and intention than most fortune 500 companies.

Fully responsive digital tools carry an elevated simplicity through every element.

The SAAAC e-learning portal. An introduction to Autism. In terms everyone can understand.

& Good Company has been an incredible partner and resource for the SAAAC Autism Centre in growing our brand and raising autism awareness across Ontario.

Interested in building a brand that engages employees, inspires ideas, and creates culture — we should talk.