3 Rehabilitation Hospitals.

REA is a Montreal-based foundation that supports three physical and neurological rehabilitation hospitals caring for hundreds of patients across Quebec. Ranging from diabetic complications to car accident victims to prosthetic limb construction, the hospitals help patients learn to move again.

We helped infuse the psychological power of positivity into the logo, an energizing colour palette, an uplifting dancing pattern, and rhythm throughout the entire brand.

As part of our Brandvan philanthropy, we collaborated with best in class creative experts to donate this work for free: Roberto Caruso photography. Italic Press printing, fulfillment. Vickie Hsieh digital strategy.

Category: Health  | Client: Daniel Lanteigne  |  Location: Quebec

Art Direction, Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity, Copywriting, Digital/Print Collateral, Environmental Graphics, Strategy
Creative Director, Strategy

We partnered with REA to revamp their visual identity while creating a fluid and human brand. The mark informed the creation of completely bilingual and comprehensive brand guidelines. Utilizing the inspiring psychological power of colour, movement, and rhythm, the new brand echoes positive ideas of mental, physical, and emotional recovery.

The updated logo smooths stroke weights, shapes and directions. Hidden within the mark, a slight separation of the ‘e’ reflects the adaptation of a prosthetic.

Bouncing back and rhythmic notes of positivity create the brand pattern.

The reversible, bilingual brand guide is finished with smart, hidden wiro binding and smooth, satin coating (thanks to Italic Press).

Bright, positive colours add energy throughout the entire brand.

Thank you for the amazing brand update and guidelines. The tool itself will be very useful, but the look and feel is quite impressive.