Sportsnet Media

A dash for one of the worlds largest international sporting events.

The Backstory
The Pan American Games is an international sporting event held every four years – the summer before the Olympic Games. The celebratory event brigs in approximately 5,000 athletes to compete in nearly 400 events. Sportsnet, Canada’s largest sports entertainment broadcaster competed in the proposal stage for media and broadcast rights for the 2015 Games in Toronto, Ontario.

Brand Identity, Digital/Print Collateral, Publishing
Art Director
The Full Story
Just The Basics

Working as a designer with the greater team, we established a high end package that contained information surrounding the media agency’s ability to deliver a unique blend of broadcast, digital, publishing and content support for national and international audiences.

The Toronto Organizing Committee (TOC) was welcomed with a package containing Sportsnet’s detailed production outline for the event. A custom embossed outer sleeve housed a perfect bound book, a mini version of the Sportsnet magazine, and simple thank you letter . The package was described as one of the best pitches that the organizing committee had received and helped elevate Sportsnet to the shortlist.