Lessons in Becoming.

Questions and answers on becoming a better person in a better world.


Where this started

Months ago, I started to write some words down. A reflective story about risk and adventure.

A social experiment with my life and career opened the door to unimaginable self discovery.

The start of this book, bound by my heart, was creative in concepts but rooted in empirical knowledge. Questions and answers on becoming a better person in a better world. Lessons provided through linear and researched experiences. A search for happiness + fulfillment fueled an even bigger journey, beginning with a drive across the country.

With friends and partners, we let go of the shore and began to swim in uncharted waters. In service of those who serve us best, and with that work came deep learning. Navigating the risks and unknown challenges as they were provided; in return, we were gifted knowledge in purpose + meaning. Lessons collected throughout the entire experience.

Along the way, I fell in love with a beautiful girl. Together, our adventures were amplified and the winds pushed our sails further.

The efforts of our work was showing results and the process started providing its own guidance. The quality of solutions and lessons landed on were of worth and value in sharing. Collaborating on things bigger than ourselves, all of us, we were designing a better future.


Where we go next

Then the world quickly turned up the serious and turned down the fun. Mother Nature, upset, ruffling her feathers.

2019 ended with political divide and heart wrenching forest fires… only to ring in a new decade with a collapsing economic system and a global health crisis. Senseless killing, and rioting in the streets sparked over financial slavery. The machine drew attention to its biggest flaws… as some live in excess, while others starve and struggle in health and survival.

Overwhelmed with these events, my thoughts being translated into words quickly fell silent.

And if this wasn’t enough to take in at once, Mother Nature had another little surprise. But this time, her efforts were received with welcomed grace through open arms and hopeful eyes. Where two now exist will soon become three, an optimistic sign in these turbulent waters. A light for us and our entire tribe, a gift like no other.


A new story

With all of these flashes and ambers illuminating the sky, I’m continually seeing this experience through clearer eyes. The stories of adventure that began to take shape months ago have slowly shifted in tone and style. Still connected to the past and the lessons that brought us here, tomorrow is now emphasized.

Over the next couple of months, I’ll be sharing these words, to my little one, weekly in the making. Finding my voice on the page as you find yours in the world, through a note, a poem, or a story. Enjoy the efforts and the energy of their discovery. And when you seek meaning, these lessons are here for you to uncover, if and when you’re ready.

I hope you forever find yourself becoming better in a better world.

And enjoy this gift to the future — these Lessons in Becoming.