Tech-enabled food rescue.

Leftovers is western Canada’s largest tech-enabled food rescue organization — and the exact type of group we love working with. They continually reinvent how communities address food poverty while reducing food waste and the pollution that comes with it. In desperate need of a ‘brand rescue’ of their own, Leftovers hired & Good Company to conduct a full brand audit, brand strategy and roll out of a newly imagined, cohesive design system.

The Canadian food system is one of the most wasteful in the world. We throw out a quarter of our fresh food and release about 21 million tonnes of greenhouse gases per year, just in food waste alone. More than 3.2 million tonnes of edible food per year are lost. But by re-directing food to the growing number of Canadians that live in food insecurity it’s totally avoidable. Working through complicated, patchwork of old assets — we restructured the entire brand from DNA up.

Maintaining the core elements of the logo, we co-developed a secondary set of names and supporting visual identities. Working together, the system uses colour codes to identify unique charitable products within one primary space.

The new block and tile system of the website lets illustrations become the way-finding device while personifying the entire brand. The new custom character set reduces the need to show images of clients in need and helps the organization stand out from the crowd.

Rooted in Calgary, Alberta, the organization has grown to support locations in neighbouring Edmonton and Fort McMurray, and all the way to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Amplifying their impact while reducing food waste and the pollution that comes with it.

The revised logo supports the organization move from ‘grass-roots’ to ‘tech-first’ positioning.

A Branded House system helps build consistency, familiarity, and quality.

A suite of custom illustrations add personality and connection along with flexibility and function.

A simplified content architecture and card system replaces the outdated, non-functioning site.

The modular graphic toolkit expands across presentation decks, templates, social media, uniforms, etc.

Interested in building a brand that engages employees, inspires ideas, and creates culture — we should talk.

Keith’s creativity makes him an expert for solving complex design problems. He seeks out the teams contribution and collaboratively brainstorms to find solutions that deliver the very best outcome. We are so appreciative of his passion, creative thought process and enthusiasm for his work. It truly made our brands shine.