Corporate learning centres.

When new employees start at Rogers, they go back to school. Education focused on the rich history, current products, organizational structure, and most importantly the culture. Branded learning spaces dubbed ‘Rogers University’ carved out of existing building envelopes, across the country double down on employee development. We helped Rogers create custom spacial designs for each office and helped with the 3-day onboarding presentation and programming.

Art Direction, Copywriting, Digital/Print Collateral, Environmental Graphics, Event Branding, Naming
Creative Director

Environmental graphics were used to add character through bright, fun, motivational, and welcoming applications. Effective use of brand colours, graphics, and playful, space-specific language work as highlights. A fun use of language reflects the positive, learning function of the space.

Individual locations carried a similar thematic application approach. Entrances were individually designed in an effort to add life and personality. Engagement activities, directional signage, presentations, handouts, and communication collateral were collectively designed by the team to create one holistic experience.

Through discoveries here, the learning centres became the catalyst for the internal rebranding and environmental application of the new toolkit: language, typography, icons, line illustrations, and graphic shapes. Creating a culture of learning, growth, and development starts with having the right space to do it in.

Welcome to Rogers 101.

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