Let’s Listen, Measure, and Lead.

Today’s international Women’s Day and as much as we are listening — we’re also looking at ways to improve…


God gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason.


If you do anything today — just listen.

But don’t listen to me.

Listen to the women around you.

Go talk to your mom, your partner, your niece, your daughter, your co-worker, your friend. And listen with attention, empathy and openly.

Let women share their biggest struggles. Let them share their biggest fears. Their goals and visions and dreams.

Let them say whatever they can find the words and the courage to say, and I bet you’ll be forever changed.


If you do anything today — measure.

But don’t measure your money. Measure your equality.

Do you pay women evenly, do you top up maternity, do you hire, fire, and promote the same? The debt we owe women will never be reflected by our accountants measuring, but it will improve their lives dramatically.

Let women lead the conversation, lead the presentation, lead the team, lead the company, and I guarantee you’ll win in both business and society.



If you do anything today — lead.

But don’t lead from the podium. Lead by championing better policy.

Start by establishing pay transparency, eradicating human trafficking, and creating period equity. Tip of the iceberg but these policies will impact health, income, community, and the future conditioning of Canadian society.

Let women start new business with greater ease, start to walk home safely, start their days with boundless energy, and we’ll shape Canada into a better country.

Guys, Companies, and Politicians — let’s Listen, Measure, and Lead.




Hey, I’m Keith, a Chief Creative Officer, TEDx speaker, and co-founder of a charity called Brandvan. After two decades of building some of Canada’s biggest brands, I started & Good Company, an idea design consultancy that helps people and the planet. I live with my amazing partner Vickie and our two sons in a century-old octagon house on a farm in Niagara. 

In the past, I’ve helped Rogers with a $35M rebrand; supported the NHL with a $6B / 12-year broadcast deal; launched professional sports teams like the Toronto Football Club; and designed the interior graphics and way-finding for 3M square feet of office space — the largest office transformation program in Canadian history.

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