The start of something good.

I know it’s kinda weird to say thank you at the beginning of an announcement. Usually we get the party invite before we get the thank you note. But bear with me…

For the past 15 years, I’ve been on an incredible roller coaster ride in my career (and life). Working alongside some of the most talented people, on some of the most diverse, rewarding projects. It’s because of you — the fam, the friends, the colleagues, and the partners — that I’ve been able to manifest some really proud accomplishments.

Cheesy, I know, but your encouragement, collaboration, and even your chirps along the way have all been the fuel for my momentum.

Today, I’m starting the next venture in my career. It’s about giving something back. It’s about returning to my roots. It’s about doing something good. I guess it’s my way of saying thank you.

The Co.

Keith Jones & Good Company is a strategic design consultancy. We are idea cultivators, helping grow purpose-driven brands that make a positive impact in the world. The principle is simple, partner with ‘Good People’ on ‘Good Ideas’ to create ‘Good Work’ – this is our ‘Good Company’.

I grew up in the country – causing shit, solving problems, and learning how to build and grow things. At the core – country roots teach us to do good by our standards, by the groups we collaborate with, and in the world. While teaming up with partners and friends that embrace our rapidly-changing world, I want to do it by staying true to those small town values that got me here.

I think here are a lot of parallels between growing cycles and creating solutions (seeding, planting, tilling, nurturing, pruning, and harvesting). Thats why I’m rallying around the term idea cultivation. Helping to nurture and grow creative solutions for brands, spaces, and campaigns.

A moment in time.

We’re at a pretty amazing moment in time – finally embracing the information revolution. With this movement, Canada has become a global destination, an incubator for innovation, a leader in progressiveness and community building. People are engaging and connecting at exponential rates. Rethinking systems, shifting industries, altering consumption habits, and disrupting century old models. And most importantly – working together to make the world a better place.

I don’t just think this, I believe in it. That’s why I’m putting money where my mouth is. When I was a kid, my bros and I always used to say ‘put your money where your mouth is’. We’d use the phrase when we knew we were right and wanted to bet our lunch snacks. But more importantly, when we used it to challenge each other to back up our words and keep each other honest.  

Doing Good.

I’ve scratched down some core values that I think are essential to myself and my business. They’ll drive the work I take on and the partners I team up with. (1) Every year, I will donate 5% of my cash or in lieu time for pro-bono causes. (2) Every project I take on will bring value to the world through adding, sharing, or growing. (3) Every way I can, I’ll try to ‘pass it on’ by using creativity to support industry specific projects that connect and advance communities.

The Work.

I’ve collected some of my favourite commercial work and started some social channels. It’s capture of the most rewarding, innovative, and collaborative projects I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to. Working in-house with organizations like Rogers or MLSE, and with freelance clients as a Designer, Creative Director, and Strategist.

Sorry, that was a bit longer than expected, but if you’re still with me — please have a poke at the site, give us a like on your fav social channel, and follow along if you can. I can’t wait to see how this journey turns out.

Thanks (again)