1 — Enjoy this Experience.

Hey there,

We are so glad you could join us. You’ve been growing. 

On this path, you are who you’re becoming. 

We’ve been here waiting and anticipating. Patiently with tender hearts and open imaginations. Just thinking about the life you’ll live and the joys you’ll bring us. The things you’ll learn to let go, and the things you’ll hold and cherish. One step at a time, one foot in front of the next. Remember, this is your life — it’s here for you and your experience.

Imagine and create… Become who you know you’re meant to be, and change as each day changes. Do so with reflection and respect in your growth and search for meaning. Seeing, making, and exploring… Train your head and your heart, and answers will be given. Provided within, thought, feeling, and intuition. 

At times it’s beautiful and at times it’s scary. Remember, you’re never alone on this journey. We’ve all been on this path before you. Each one of us, in one way or another. Our energy is yours, the entire universe is encouraging. In search of a good life, a search in becoming.

Mistakes await, ready to be made. Overwhelmed with unknown outcomes. Experiences good and bad are necessary parts of our production. At times, accidents ready for life’s interruption. In each, find that gift, a lesson for you and your discovery. Some obvious, deafeningly loud, right in the moment. And some hidden, quietly revealed later through deep reflection. 

When felt, don’t let them stop you, the hurdles or anyone who presents them. When their moment has come, when they’re needed most, they’ll reveal themselves. At times, part of a greater picture. At times, when they’re least expected. Some will hurt deeply, and salt wounds with unbearable disappointment. When you catch your breath, be thankful, they are provided with purpose and reason. As big as all of this feels, don’t rush, there is a reward in your patience. 

Not knowing how to decide is okay. Signs show up when we’re in motion. It’s our job to recognize, and it’s important for us to digest them. They will nourish intuition and feed direction. Through living, we find answers on the path to becoming. Sometimes our choices lead us in seemingly contrasting directions. Opposing conformity, or against the grain of those around us. Push those boundaries, but do so with humility and reflection. Feel strength in knowing we’re behind you. The energy of the entire world and our embrace, we’ll always be quietly cheering. 

Empower those you love and they will return the favour favourably. Within touch and connection, are life’s biggest rewards, magic and discoveries. As you consume that energy, be reminded to do it through reciprocation. Listen to their hearts, and respect their imagination. The strong will bond over time, while the less stable just for an instant. Our time together is for a reason, don’t force things including nature’s intention. Search for what’s missing, embrace fulfillment in the methods over the attainment. 

They will tell you their rules, and there are many. Respect the pure and challenge the muddy. Some have been with us since the beginning of time. And some just made up yesterday. Don’t break them just for the sake of fun, although that can add entertainment. Empower guides that make your life and the world better. Rebuild those in contrast, rules that serve the few, the ideas of today selfish and negative. Our time is limited so take a little look forward, take a view of the bigger picture. In life, the journey is for you and I — but what we create here is a gift to the future. 

Find what you love. And find what loves you. Then embrace it unconditionally. This is as simple as I see it. And as simple as I can put it. 

Enjoy this experience. Triumphs, losses, and all the lessons in becoming.

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