Branded experiential environments.

Branded experiential environments take you on a journey into a different world. No longer just looking at an ad on your phone — these settings invite you to touch, smell, and feel. We helped Rogers build a suite of immersive spaces to build brand loyalty and audience interaction beyond the digital screen. Co-branded business centres and co-working offices are layered with calm yet motivating messaging. While branded cabins and giant gift boxes pop up in malls to offer a whimsical playground for youth and adults alike to explore.

Architecture, Environmental Graphics, Event Branding, Industrial Design, Interior Design
Creative Director

A graphic and substrate toolkit aligns with corporate brand guidelines while building consistency throughout every aspect of the consumer experience. Collaborating with internal partners and vendors to design and direct, seasonal pop-up shops, sponsored businesses environments, sport stadium suites and event activations. Creative challenges varying in size & scale meant utilizing working on everything from skinning walls with adhesive vinyl to building out entire spaces from architectural schematics to final trim specs.

Immersive environments bring boring business centres to life with depth and inspiring messaging.

Immersive in-mall, in-stadium, in-events experiences invite audiences to journey into another world.

Interested in designing an environment that engages employees, inspires ideas, and creates culture — we should talk.