Today’s Blue Monday

Today’s Blue Monday.

They say it’s the bluest day of the year. As our holiday credit card bills roll in, our New Year’s goals very slowly start to disappear, and those dark winter blues appear. And we feel it all. The earth on fire. The politicians, the polarization, the racism, and the anxiety. Horrible people starting wars with us caught in the middle.

We see it every day — all day — in the news.

I guess it is a little Blue.

But as we look back at 2019, we can see how much we all grew. So many people, making such positive impact in the world, and a lot of groups and corporations are helping too. Some are healing the planet, and some are helping me and you. You see, if we’re nice to each other, the world will be nice to you.

Today doesn’t have to be Blue Monday.

If the things we hear and see shape who we are…

Maybe we just need a bit more ‘& good news’.