200,000 monthly print publication.

The Shopping Channel (TSC) is Canadas largest television shopping brand — selling products and goods aimed primarily towards a mature female audience. Established in 1987, the organizations dated, hard-sell approach was desperate for a brand refresh. We worked to help reposition the look and advertising methods of the organization through various applications, at the heart of which, a 200,000 print run best customers magazine (BCM).

The companies existing magazine had roots embed in the commercial catalogue industry. Manufacture shot images were floated on white backgrounds with lifeless language, and little to no standardization of typography or graphic elements. We took the seed of the BCM and grew a garden of editorial content equal to something found on news stands.

A coffee table magazine to share with friends now showcases products through a modern, stylistic approach. Conceptual and warm stylized imagery infuses personality to the publication while increasing re-read rates. Covers highlighted with a ‘hero-esque’ product shot; articles centralized around audience benefits, tips and recipes; features sections highlighted with celebrity and guest contributors. The BCM evolved into something beyond flyer and is now a two-way resource document — offering a place for campaigns and promotions to live and be pulled from.

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