Food upcycling platform.

Anew is a member-driven food upcycling platform. Wasteful food byproducts are saved during the growing, manufacturing, and distribution process to be repurposed into artisan food that’s better than new. We helped build and launch the concept, name creation, complete brand system, and educational positioning around their innovative start up model.

Art Direction, Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity, Digital/Print Collateral, Naming, Strategy
Creative Director, Strategy

Every year, 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted or lost annually. In Canada, 2.3 million tons of household food waste are produced every year — while at the same time, increasing numbers of Canadians are going hungry. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Groups like Anew are reimagining the factory-like food systems and designing new, multi-benefit ways of solving food waste problems that also help people and the planet.

As consumer demand drives the environmental and sustainable movement, corporations are forced to take action. We helped Anew create their membership model concept and build the affiliation program. The brand positioning and key messaging zeroes in on their core purpose and drives the entire brand. An elasticated product pattern symbolizes the ever-changing products Anew continues to save, while driving home the central idea that all participants are supporting ‘Anew kind of world’.

Together we designed a brand toolkit that is fresh and strong, but it also has purpose. Technical illustrations are brought to life through refined animation. Fruit, vegetables, and other food items are dissected — and almost chopped apart — as in the food production process to reveal the underlying stories of waste and opportunity.

Branded communications, website support, and a kit of parts helped launch the new corporate side of the organization. Externally, we helped the team create a member version of the brand guide and supporting material for vendors such as window graphics, tent cards, and affiliation marks.

The mechanical logo-type paired with the looping ‘A’ icon merges the ideas of factory and circularity.

Two versions of the brand guidelines support the parent organization and individual members.

An elasticated product pattern symbolizes the ever-changing opportunity for food upcycling.

Member kits include window clings, tent cards, and partnership brand guides.

Food illustrations are dissected, as in the production process, to reveal the underlying stories of waste and opportunity.

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