A letter to the late Ted Rogers.

He-ya Ted

We never got the chance to meet, but want to say thanks. Today was my last day as Creative Director. For the past five and a half years, Rogers has been my second home, and the people here have been my second family.

April 9, 2018 Words Keith Jones Images Emily Soo

A rollercoaster ride from day one – rebranding media properties, then The Shopping Channel, launching the NHL and RGCL, building the strategy for Sharespace and then helping drive the Rogers rebrand. It’s been a busy (but transformative) five years.

Oh, and you gotta see the new space! The last CEO blew the sucker up! No really, we ripped down all the walls and created a workplace community. It’s actually the largest office transformation in Canadian history…. And they let me do all the environmental graphics… so you know it looks great 😉

The employees here are super collaborative in this new space. Joe, the new CEO is embracing people and tech – two things I know you were keen on. His energy permeates the environment and is amplifying the culture to the 26,000 employees.

But don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you. In fact, I supported the teams to brand your legacy onto a bunch of stuff; a 1,500 seat cafeteria themed around you and your families milestones, an internal awards program recognizing top employees, a scholarship fund to help young students succeed, and I even got to name the brand typeface we created after you ‘Ted’. Now your name is subtly infused into the words of every piece of branding, advertising and spatial design that bears the Rogers name (yeah – you’re welcome).

As for me – I’m excited! I’ve learned and grown from so many smart, talented, giving people at Rogers. I’ll miss them more than anything, but I know we’ll cross paths again. I’m getting fired up and can’t wait to share my next move with everyone… to steal a line from you “The best is yet to come”.

Thanks – kj