Olympic partner event invitation.

To promote an exclusive partner event at an elite heritage golf course we conceptualized then custom fabricated 75 invitation kits from 100 year old reclaimed fir. Our story centralized around the wood originating from a pier in the St. Lawrence seaway, a landing spot for immigrants and the new Canadian life it symbolized when they first stood on Canadian soil. The kits became a keepsake themselves and sit on office bookcases, in personal libraries, and amongst sports paraphernalia.

Campaign Development, Digital/Print Collateral, Event Branding, Industrial Design, Photography
Creative Director

Working directly with Boardmaster Sawmill, we hand sourced select 1” trim cuts from the almost 100 year old material originally measuring almost a foot in thickness. Each piece unique with deep, weathered grooves was hand prepped and shaped into the final material. A continuous ‘waterfall’ wrap treatment for each box was achieved through precisely mitered corners of a single slab of wood. Then assembled and matte clear coated to maintain rawness but avoid splintering.

Leather sleeve lids, custom stamped with the event brand mark, slid open to reveal the invitation and instruction collateral. Macro photography captured the woodgrain texture that was then applied as a thematic throughout the brand (kit, electronic communications and on site event branding). The creative helped embracing the nostalgia and history of the COC and it’s partnerships with the corporate community while also functioning as a memorable keepsake.

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