The cracks are how the light gets through.

A Mantra for 2024


What’s more valuable than setting goals for the year? Shaping your way of living.

I start every new year with a bit of reflection. What’s happening in me, my community, and in the world we’re all sharing?

I set goals towards these challenges, but more importantly — I build affirmations towards lasting improvements.

Every year a new mantra to repeat, motivate and offer inspiration.

A checklist, a powerful phrase, or a timeless quote helps guide and offer  contemplation. They find their way onto sticky notes and into conversations. Rising up to new ears at the dinner table, in talks, and in client meetings.

Affirmations to help shape a better me and shape a better way of living.

We are what we repeatedly say and do. We are a reflection of our habits and experiences.

And this year is no different. Bold headlines have occupied all of our attention. Climate, humanitarian, housing, opioid, healthcare, financial, food security, social media, politics, loneliness — all ‘in crisis’.

For many, it’s overwhelming. Obstacles impossible to overcome. Convictions to ingrained to pivot new directions. Fractures splitting everything we know into pieces.

To others, the brave ones, these are our greatest contests. The warriors. The visionaries. The shapers. They’re focusing on the faults, chancing unknowns, and even reframing them into achievements.

Because it’s with new perspectives that we see new possibilities. It’s seeing beyond the surface that we’ll find the answers needed.

So this year, I’m staring into the lines that divide. Looking deeper into the spaces between the pieces.

My mantra is to use that light to shine on better clients, to help them scale better ideas.

My mantra is to face my weaknesses head on — failures, falters and insecurities.

My mantra is to illuminate transformative ways of thinking.

And if you feel the darkness or in crisis, let Leonard Cohen’s words guide you.

‘The cracks are how the light gets through’




Hey, I’m Keith, a Chief Creative Officer, TEDx speaker, and co-founder of a charity called Brandvan. After two decades of building some of Canada’s biggest brands, I started & Good Company, an idea design consultancy that helps people and the planet. I live with my amazing partner Vickie and our two sons in a century-old octagon house on a farm in Niagara. 

In the past, I’ve helped Rogers with a $35M rebrand; supported the NHL with a $6B / 12-year broadcast deal; launched professional sports teams like the Toronto Football Club; and designed the interior graphics and way-finding for 3M square feet of office space — the largest office transformation program in Canadian history.

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