5 — Everyone's Connected.

One heart —

My hands open to you, and with it comes my heart. Gripped together by touch, I welcome all that you are. No race, no colour, no gender — concepts of money or religion. No greed, no country, no power — imagined success or division.

Our connection is not defined by simple, man-made things. The time we have and how we’re formed is one and the same. Blood and bones, dirt and sweat, and all of life’s experiences in between. Birth and death, love and loss, we’re all connected beautifully as human beings.

Time threads — 

Threads loop in coils, above and below the surface. Threading every moment together, from and To they wind. From yesterday we were made, To tomorrow we will become. Someday we’ll turn to dust, and this line will continue on.

In constant circulation, life’s layers are bound and united. The same string on the spool weaves time with everyone. Material that we are made, laced in every possible way. Through the energy we exist, our fabric is all the same.

Brothers and sisters — 

History compounds in years, decades turn millennia. Traced back far enough, discover we’re all brothers and sisters. Connected through evolution, our species and in our traits. See the line that runs through, past and future bridged by today.

Not that far behind, a human life could be bought and sold. Atrocities revealed with evolution, we advance as awareness unfolds.  We’re here only for an instant, a blink in the scope of time. Inclusiveness in thinking, how much better can we become.

Growth mind — 

Tradition is refined opinion, ideas and where they’re placed. With time turning into religion, beliefs where society stands. Through tinted windows, you’ll only see what’s in frame. Differences are a reflection, step out, see the story you’re in.

Evolve your moral compass, there’s no fixed template on how to live. Organizing hierarchy, Mao and Stalin are the same as Hitler’s shit. Hatred has no winner, indifference is the same. Seek a growth mindset, discard fixed in yesterday.

I, you, we, us, all  — 

I — stand here alone, a figure between ground and sky. Accompanied only by myself, until looking at either side. You — there next to me, family and friends within reach. Some provided with reason, and others yet to meet.

We — community, together, a dotted line to our entire group. Us — extend further, individuals make a part of a whole. Simply by proximity, see how you and I are just steps apart. All — in this together, the world is one big tribe.

The same blood  — 

Pumping inside you now, through tunnels, carries life. Rivers change course when an edge cuts through the line. Ignore the colour of the exterior, inside you is all that counts. We bleed the same hue, no matter where our sun goes down.

Bones link together, architecture on which we’re built. Fibers wrap the  structure, muscle connecting every joint. Our mold is made consistently, pieces all the same. Take away life, and our bodies turn back into sand.

Heart poetry — 

Feel the sound of the heart, hypnotic in it’s rhythm. Poetry of mother nature, beats in us from the beginning. Softly tapping away, increasing in volume as we grow. One with the world, patterns vibrate loud and true.

Graceful in one moment, drums and trumpets in another. In every emotive experience, share this universal power. Within human condition, gifts to laugh and cry and love. A note of familiarity, connects every feeling and everyone.

Entire experience  — 

Dig a little deeper, life may have a bigger purpose. Roots below the skin, mirror the tree above the surface.
 Answers to bigger questions require digging with bigger shovels. Expand the way you see, expand your entire experience.

Which work consumes your day, how about your evening. Where do you show up in the future, what gifts are you creating. Don’t focus on the objects, eventually everything is left behind. Embrace the power of process, let connection be your guide.

Your work — 

Each of us has an obligation, work to do while we’re here. Purpose in improvement, within ourselves and the world. Steer from seedy salesmen, industries take from us and earth. Obsolete are these pawns, they serve only immediate goals and themselves.

Our duty is the collective, improving nature and humankind. Like every living being, effort is our payment for being alive. One in a billion, defying all odds simply in being born. Reciprocation of this gift, your work also holds the reward.

Each other — 

Come back to basic needs, life’s true necessities. Protection above our heads, shelter from the elements. Health within the body, equaled by that within the mind. Food and medicine sustain, fuel for us to survive.

Education elevates the median, in you and your community. Develop every skill, knowledge is not dictated by institution. Cover the basic needs, and let scarcity be removed. When those below us elevate, everyone’s experience improves.

> See last week’s letter.


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