4 — Start with the Energy.

A new chapter —

When everything’s in motion, it’s hard to know up from down. In the middle of chaos, find where your heart is now. Extend in either direction, from head down to the feet. The person in between, comes with everything you need.

Swells will fill the ocean, ride the waves as they break. Change is part of growth, integral in how we’re made. Bright light fills your vision, energy expands your lungs. Welcome to today, a new chapter has begun.

A gift to discover  —

You could be anywhere in the world — you’re here in this moment. A gift to be born, comes with a gift to discover. One foot in tomorrow, and one in yesterday. Meet us here and now, it’s where you’re meant to be.

Changes will be hard when fixated on the familiar. Don’t let old habits impede reaching your full potential. We rise at different times, each at our own stage. Sitting in the audience won’t get you into the play.

Balance —

Moving in one direction, suddenly called to go the opposite. Changing isn’t easy, without a sense of balance. Uncover what is real, then step towards the centre. Set your eyes upon this idea, study it with full intention.

Finding the energy is hard, the world’s upon your shoulders. Increasing every second, choices multiply and are overwhelming. Lighten the load you carry, keep it direct and simple. What purpose makes you whole, what is it you’re here for.

The ride —

Discovering who we are, is where many secrets are found. They move us forward in life, and lift us when we’re down. Put yourself into action, your pulse will speed then race. The momentum of this machine spins toward happiness.

Becoming a better version, a ride layered within itself. The price of the ticket is free, there’s no external cost. Funded through pure effort, and confidence in yourself. Start where the energy is — everything else will follow.

Pull and push — 

Pulling at our attention, there’s an idea we need to explore. A magnet towards discovery, a sense there’s something more. It comes in like a flicker, an extra beat within the heart. A second glance of interest, it’s the light below the door.

Movements of our body, channeled by those within the soul. Pushing in new directions, moving us closer towards a goal. Steered by different experiences, navigation is slowly revealed. Hidden for many reasons, destinations await our movement.

Your Compass — 

With no map to follow, listen to the compass found inside. A needle waves a direction, hands of our internal guide. Pointing us on our journey, revealing what can’t be seen. An aid in reaching our destination, and the wonders in between.

There is no perfect route, just a magnet towards true north. Visualize it coming closer, make adjustments in your course. Pathways become revealed, steps taken with our tribe.Align the energy within, let our heart become your guide.

Repetition builds succession —

Muscles build through repetition, patterns consistent over time. Accomplishments in our actions, shape stairs for us to climb. Break it down to the basics, separate into individual tasks. Repeated with practice, you’ll soon step towards the next.

Evolve simple movements, control with focus and intent. Become your own coach, champion your own challenge. Stacking up your interests, stages built on what we know. Fulfillment is found in progress, up the stairs you will grow.

Sparks of potential —

Every idea infused, popping with sparks of potential. Expanding over time, the box fills with opportunity. Awaiting your attention, in need of your persistence. Some call it obsession, others describe it as vocation.

The more we feel the heat, the closer to igniting. Friction in our talents, embers added with our trying. Excitement in your work, will keep you up at night. Light the wicks of potential, share the warmth of the fire.

Flow Through Time —

Energy pulses through our touch, reaching a state of flow. Words can’t describe some feeling, this one needs to be held. Surfaces meet and merge, inside the body and out. Time speeds when we’re here, we soon forget our thoughts.

In sync with the entire world, we lose track of ourselves. A meditative state, find rhythm within the touch. Time is only a concept, lines for us to chart and plot. Days we’ll stop counting, when flow is with our craft.

Good vibrations —

Don’t think about the money, or be distracted by the fame. People waste their lives obsessing over someone else’s dream. Some cheat themselves of craft, miss finding what they love. Dusk to dawn unhappy, then they’ll try to pull you down.

Energy is infectious, what we do and what we say. A limit to this battery, share your best in every way. Motivate who you can, it raises the entire standard. The energy inside us is awaiting your arrival.

Your light —

Within you is a light, it’s yours to find and own. Cultivate it with attention, it brightens everything you become. Listen and see carefully, it’s a lens to your entire world. The experiences as presented, and the person in the mirror.

Expertise and understanding, interests thread together. Love takes us to new places, knowledge makes us better. Lights on your pathway will illuminate for everyone. Start where the energy is, watch everything get a little better.

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