3 — Find Answers In Pause.

Someday will come —

Someday we will slow, and then begin to fade. From the second we are born, nature starts to take away. Moments we have left are of unknown time and measure. Maybe a life long lived or a careless accident tomorrow.

In every great adventure, each book will reach a conclusion. And when that final blink comes, what things will you see in it? A blur of the trivial, forgotten times of abundant excess… Or a life lived with meaning, rooted in value and purpose?

Your attention — 

Fighting for your time and scattering your attention. They’ll make you feel left out, and sometimes guilt-ridden. Pulling at our emotions, just so we believe them. Altering how we see things, clouding true feelings.

Every second, every minute, we must keep so busy. Matching which values of ours, what end, real meaning? Distractions steer away from life’s important decisions. Flooded with many answers, but we are missing real questions.

Subtraction before addition — 

When everyone is shouting, it’s hard to hear a thing. Challenges starting with emptying, finish with deeper meaning. Listen during the process, focus your heart and your mind. Ignore your neighbours’ habits, for you’ll become your own.

Subtraction before addition, success is simple math. How can we add something new, when there’s little room left. Filled with what is the hardest and biggest question to ask. Search a little further, connect the why in your every task.

Listen with intention — 

What power do you have, what strength is in your ability. Answering is automatic, try processing before responding. Still the muscles of our action, focus instead on what is heard. Rediscover where thoughts are manifested, reflect on how they’re felt.

Connection requires perspective, growth in your delivery and reception. Both giver and receiver, they’re equal parts in the outcome. Listen with good intention, be present to process every word. Answers on your pathway will be given abundantly in return.

Reflection — 

Consider this an intermission, a pause before the next. A chance to absorb good and bad, employ quiet to help reflect. Like the muscles in the body, growth happens through many states. Movements exercise our abilities, but rest maximizes their gains.

Relish in past achievements, feel pride in every true attempt. Take stock in your harvests, what fruit ripened and what was absent. Our days depend on the evenings as our actions require stillness. The sun you feel tomorrow, is dictated by tonight’s dreaming.

The material of you — 

Relearn and reimagine with honest and open eyes. Keep the best material, and leave the unfriendly behind. Explore the life around you, unpack how all things are made. What history can we leverage, to make tomorrow better today.

As difficult as this all feels, the quiet will help you see clearer. Essentials rise above the clouds, pointless fade from the horizon.There’s no limit to your study or the possibilities of what you’ll find. The broader we open our arms, the more we can wrap them around.

New perspectives — 

Study all the pieces, their make and shape and detail. Important grouped together, organize everything by scale. See with new perspectives, try different layers and orders. With space to breathe and think, how does yours work together?

Put what stands on a timeline — yesterday, today and tomorrow. Now flip everything opposite and start seeing before arriving. You’re building bridges and connections, visions towards a goal. Discovering bigger experiences, is a source of renewing power.

In rebuilding — 

As free as you let yourself be, overwhelmed with what to do. Rebuild with collective foundations, evolve with rediscovered truths. Get down to first principles, the core in what you focus. Refining to the simplest, deducing until digging can go no further.

Listen to that voice, talents will whisper during quiet discovery. Energy leads to new spaces, and it refines familiar abilities. Excavate deeper answers and uncover the bedrock in reflection. Work is what it sounds like, yet the process yields its own payment.

Save room — 

When our cup is overflowing we focus only on not spilling. Movements become inhibited and cheat ourselves of new additions. The journey to new places takes longer than expected. A test of will and patience, is also a contest against distractions.

Try seeing from the opposite side, focus beyond just one perspective. Absorb through another’s eyes and uncover our broader connections. Pour in and out as you go, this experience is in constant motion. The river that we float along is the same water that we drink from.

Add, share, teach, grow — 

Add value in this world, it’s the greatest thing we can do. Energy transcends time, even after we are through. Share in your advantage, rewards will be amplified in their return. When those below us elevate, the median continually improves.

Teach what you know, it will build a better understanding. Both as the student seeking and the student presenting. Grow in every way, for this is nature’s true intention. And when that last blink comes in, smile in prideful reflection.

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