2 — Write Your Own Story.

From the start —

A new page mirrors back, bare and open. Static and lifeless, filled with nothing, no emotion. Floating through time, no concept of start or finish. Overwhelmed in mind, how to navigate this process.

Then that first mark happens, a line, a simple character. Movement under the skin, draws on and in your attention. Your story’s already started, formed by each stretch taken. Before you were born, an author in this life from conception.

What is next —

Moments build on movement, day after day. Words will describe your world, page after page. What life will you live, what book will you write? Put pencil to paper, let experiences take shape.

Write it how you will and on what is truly moving. This book is yours, we only ask, please be sure to fill it. Fill it with love, fill it with good, and fill it with adventure. Empty pages and empty words are simply wasted paper.

Carry character —

The characters you choose will help develop your story. A challenge and reward in helping them along their journey. Some last only sentences, while others expand chapters. Some friends thread throughout, from cover to cover.

Some will be villains and others become heartbreakers. Embrace connections that make every line successively better. Those you can count on, who give inspiration in believing. Good characters add colour, they form stories worth rereading.

Scene within —

Set the place and the scene the way you envision. But don’t chase locations simply for the sake of a visit. A different landscape gives way to a different perspective. Views of a beach, a mountain, a radiant sunset.

But a new place traveled won’t give you structure. Inside find meaning and story, then fuse both together. Develop your inner scene with integrity and wisdom. In the strokes of the pen, the crafting of strong ideas.

Search —

Find inspiration in substance, and a vision of better. Stretch your thinking, and opinions within someone else’s letter. The more you feel and grow, the more open you are to hearing. The thoughts and connections may bridge to new pathways.

How can we know what we don’t, if we haven’t had a different lesson? Find concepts of interest, they’ll give motivation and connection. Harvest the best ingredients, and consume that beautiful knowledge. A library with diverse interests, is filled with words that nourish.

Ill stories —

Be careful where you find inspiration, the tales you believe. Authors and their language that serve the few and greedy. Some are written by those with narrow and very ill intentions. Words that challenge good and all of nature’s succession.

There’s no room for hate, or the selfish words they endorse. Misguided authors tease false perfection and imaginary rewards. Millions of characters lost over others ideas of greatness. Filling your book with red ink will continually prove sad and pointless.

Good stories —

There are some messages and ideas that have stood strong over time. Grounded in truth and purpose, connecting nature and humankind. Seek these values, they are important and repeated with reason. Written by many, the core ideas stay unbroken and ever consistent.

On the left and the right, you’ll find different messages. Theories on philosophy, social constructs, and religious passages. The west preach courage and sacrifice on the path into heaven. In the east, empathy comes first, kindness returned in our becoming.

Hurdles —

Stare at the page too long, and lines form walls or worse a prison. Climb bars like a ladder, it just takes a little change in perspective. Scribble and sketch, and build upon all of your ideas. Scratch and rip apart pages, and keep only what is needed.

Move all around, everyone has different ways of learning. See it end to end, or maybe just the direction you’re headed. Continue to write and erase, draw and mark up over time. There is no right or wrong way, only what works in your mind.

Take form —

Thoughts are just thoughts, up until the moment they’re written. Channel an idea into reality, and it will take on a conscious being. Something to hold and feel and look at with deep objectivity. Something to shape and rework, an idea has life and personality.

One letter at a time, words and sentences begin forming. Give meaning and connection to the ideas lived before. Continue to evolve, make sure you’re always getting better. Find the energy within, and write us all a better future.

Our story —

These words reflect this world, our work in the journey. Lessons learned in life, and on this path of curiosity. Experiences still in progress, entrusting they will provide. Accept them as reference, a tool, an overarching guide.

With luck, they’ll give hope and a kind of inspiration. Words to fulfill the missing, your hunger in growing. To you the future, a new book, a new opportunity. Words in becoming, to help you write your own story.

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