What Brand Archetype are you?

Successful brands don’t have to tell us what they do — they show it.


They demonstrate it through images, words, and (most importantly) their actions. Defining who they are by what’s seen, heard and felt.

A brand is just that – a feeling. An intangible idea built on a set of experiences.

And the world’s most valuable organizations invest heavily in our connection. Because they know if they don’t define who they are — we’ll do it for them.

Building loyalty and unconscious understanding by layering everything they do onto a framework of steps, processes, and solutions.

Architecture that helps:

▶ Steer organization internally
▶ Build customer desire and consistency
▶ And create new market interest


Like buildings, brands are shaped upwards from a system or a blueprint.

Brand Archetypes are a framework of characteristics that help build and define during the process. A foundational tool for building your product or business.

Psychologist Carl Jung developed the concept that all humans share a common feeling or an unconscious understanding towards a set of similar forms and images. Symbolism that’s universally felt and understood. Now grouped into 12 sets Archetypes or ideas.

Think of the time, loyalty and investments we give our favourite brands — there’s a reason. The same brands have invested in themselves for us. Strategically and consistently.

And in return, we give our trust, value and attention.


Keith Jones & Good Company - 12 Brand Archetypes

The 12 Brand Archetypes we use in brand building:

What do Apple, Nike, BMW, Disney, and Coca-Cola all have in common? They’ve strategically, purposefully, and consistently invested in their brands.

1. Innocent
2. Sage
3. Explorer
4. Rebel
5. Magician
6. Hero
7. Lover
8. Jester
9. Citizen
10. Caregiver
11. Ruler
12. Creator


Building your brand on a solid foundation.

When a brand is built from the ground up, with a solid foundation — it amplifies awareness, reduces cost, and cuts down on wasted time. 

At & Good Company we’ve seen the benefits of strategic thinking first hand. Wether working on launching a new brand entity for a Non-Profit organization or helping one of Canada’s largest telecoms with a brand transform — defining your DNA is a fundamental tool in building your organization.

What do Rogers, Nespresso, The NBA, and Crohn’s Canada have in common? We’ve helped each build their creative and communications. And I can do the same for you.

So which Brand Archetype are you? And which one is your business?



Hey, I’m Keith, a Chief Creative Officer, TEDx speaker, and co-founder of a charity called Brandvan. After two decades of building some of Canada’s biggest brands, I started & Good Company, an idea design consultancy that helps people and the planet. I live with my amazing partner Vickie and our two sons in a century-old octagon house on a farm in Niagara. 

In the past, I’ve helped Rogers with a $35M rebrand; supported the NHL with a $6B / 12-year broadcast deal; launched professional sports teams like the Toronto Football Club; and designed the interior graphics and way-finding for 3M square feet of office space — the largest office transformation program in Canadian history.

To learn more about how brand and innovation design can help your organization, email me at keithjones@andgoodcompany.ca