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Our world is defined by the people and the environments that surround us. That’s why we choose to partner with clients, vendors and freelancers who are not only ‘best in class’ in their fields, but also leaders in society. The collective power of good people with great minds will create the solutions the world needs.

By reducing our staff to only the essential, our clients get to work directly with senior consultants with years of experience across varying industries. Seemingly higher upfront costs are typically realized and traded for higher caliber work and time savings for the client in the long run.

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Keith Jones is an award-winning design leader who has rebranded national telcos., launched professional sports teams, and led the spatial design for the largest office transformation program in Canadian history.

He’s now the lead at & Good Company, and co-founder of Brandvan, a self-funded initiative that donates free branding to charities across Canada, and is currently working on new social enterprises.

Keith’s spoken as a guest lecturer at design conferences, educational institutions, on the corporate stage, and delivered a TEDx Talk.

Visit his leadership site for more information on corporate and personal coaching, inspirational speaking, and guest writing.


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