& Good Ideas.

Ideas, insights and experiences on creativity & good company.


We design ideas that challenge and change the way things are done.

Sometimes our initiatives are self directed like Brandvan or our TEDx talk. Sometimes our work is in support of people brave enough to imagine a better future — and take steps towards it.

Together we’ve transformed a discarded city bus into a mobile grocery store. Built an upcycling platform that redirects food waste. Branded an app that teaches people with autism how to communicate. And helped create the workspace of the future.

Behind every object, system and experience is a design. We use creativity to design a better future.


How do we design a better future?

In a world of polarizing politics, environmental challenges, and social indifference — it can all seem overwhelming. Simply by Starting With Good — Keith shares a fun, inspirational story in building a values-first company & how all of us can use creativity for good. A talk highlighted with wonderful creative examples, moral capitalism might just be the answer we’re all looking for.


Everyone talks about ‘What they do’ but few talk about ‘How they do it’. In our experience, ‘the how’ is just as important. 

Our actions have a direct impact on our collective experience — the people and the planet around us. As individuals and organizations, it’s our responsibility and our opportunity to be the best version of ourselves that we can be & lead with positive change.

Sadly, on packaging, in media, and throughout marketing — the word ‘good’ is exploited by corporations on an exceedingly growing basis.

We use the word ‘good’ with respect and honesty. We live the beliefs of our Brand Actions through the ideas we develop, the people we collaborate with, and the work we take on. It’s in our name.

So what makes ‘& Good Company’?

An organization that does not capitalize on the detriment of others — instead, an organization that uses its abilities to improve the collective environment in all its forms with all of its participants.

Morals > Money

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Good Ideas
We design ideas and organizations that help lead social and environmental change.

Good People
We are a global community of creative people collaborating to create impact at scale.

Good Work
We build purpose-driven work that shifts businesses, people, and the world forward.

Good Ideas & Good People & Good Work — this is our & Good Company.


Four simple words direct everything we do. A mantra of sorts, they help filter and guide us in the projects we take on, the people we work with, and the actions we take.

We add value to the world and and leave things better than we found them.

We share in the benefits and the rewards of the outcomes from our experiences.

We teach what we’ve learned from our experiences, our tribe, and our mentors.

We grow in every possible way in an effort to continually improve and fuel forward progress.


At our core – our country roots have taught us to do good by our standards, by the groups we collaborate with, and in the world. While we team up with partners and friends that embrace our rapidly changing world, we do it staying true to the small town values that got us here

A Good Neighbour
People are at the heart of everything we do. We get to know, support, and share with them through the work we do. We’ve even engrained community giving into our model.

Jack of All Trades Mindset
There are no one-trick ponies here. Strategic design isn’t fenced in by disciplines, mediums, or product sectors, so we bring a diverse skillset and lens on creativity.

A Growing Harvest
Each challenge brings new opportunities for growth. We harness our energy, tools, and the competitive environment to maximize your yields.

Get Our Hands Dirty
We can’t wait to roll up our sleeves. Researching, exploring, experimenting, and truly understanding the challenge in order to solve problems from the inside out.

Make Things That Last
We know a job worth doing is worth doing well. As craftsmen and women — we stand next to work that stands the test of time.

A Community of Experts
We know our equipment. If something is out of our scope, we collaborate with our network to make sure your project gets done right.



We recognize that we are guests on Indigenous land of the Ho-de-no-sau-nee-ga (Haudenosaunee), Attiwonderonk (Neutral), Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, Mississauga.

Members of Indigenous descent are friends, collaborators, and educators with our agency. We acknowledge and take action in educating ourselves and our community about the truths of the people that came before us. And we strive to continually support the people, their culture, and their treaty claims.

Visit Native-Land.ca to find where you’re a guest.


Many of the challenges that currently exist within our society have been systematically constructed. Our group stands against racism, oppression, social control, inequalities, and white supremacy.

Members of our team and our freelance network are ethnic minorities, have experiences living in low income environments, have family members who live with physical inabilities, and have close personal relationships with individuals in the LGBTQ2S+ community.

Through a growth mindset, we continually strive for progress as a business and in our community. Our work is not perfect, but we work to be as Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable, and Accessible as possible.


Our actions and our partners’ actions have a direct impact on the world and everyone on it. We omit all evil companies and work daily to collaborate with ‘Good Groups’.

We act as members of a global tribe — beyond all imagined and real constructs (financial, geographical, ethnic, etc.). We vote with our dollar — from the things we buy to the people we work with.

We do not work with organizations that carelessly create negative environmental impact. We do not work with organizations that do not provide safe working environments with a fair living wage.




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