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Good Ideas & Good People & Good Work. Combined, this is our Good Company.


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Keith Jones & Good Company is an idea design and brand consultancy. Through strategy and brand solutions, we use creativity to design a better future.

We’re a different kind of consultancy. Not focused on a medium or a sector — we focus on a concept — we design ideas that create positive change in the world. 

You Need Help
Consumers want to help and organizations are seeing the business and financial benefits of doing better.

We help progressive business leaders with our holistic approach – launching organizations, the spaces they live, and the brands that drive them. In turn, our work helps business help the world.

Consultancy Model
We work under a ‘fluid agency model’ which means we are able to scale, adapt, and accelerate based on our clients’ needs.

This model also allows us to reduce overhead — partnering with industry experts as-needed, and choosing the best suited creatives for the project based on skill, style, and client budget.

Good Ideas & Good People & Good Work. Combined, this is our Good Company.


After 20 years building and launching some of Canada’s largest corporate brands, we now design and brand ideas that create positive impact in stride with positive business results.

In the past, we’ve helped lead a $35M telecommunications rebrand; secured a $6B / 12 year broadcast deal; launched professional sports teams; and designed the interior graphics and way-finding system for 2M square feet of office space — the largest office transformation program in Canadian history.

In 2018, we rebranded as Keith Jones & Good Company and launched through our philanthropy Brandvan giving away free branding to organizations across Canada.

This social experiment grew into a masterclass filled with invaluable empirical knowledge in the subjects of purpose, social impact, societal change, branding, and design systems.

With our fluid agency model, we are able to adapt, scale, and accelerate along with industry experts.


Through our time, expertise, and network, Brandvan gives away free branding to some of the most innovative and impactful charities in the country.

As an ideas first company, we launched in 2018 with purpose and action. Our first initiative: donate free brand and creative services to some of the most innovative and impactful charities in Canada. With 13 initiatives, 50+ volunteer creatives, and almost 20,000 km on the road — the self-funded Brandvan harnesses the power of design for good.



Behind every great brand sits a strategically designed vision, values and architecture. This DNA is the foundation for internal organization, employee alignment, and most importantly, external validation.

Working directly with senior leadership teams, we help clearly, define, and express your idea. Every brand, product and experience needs architecture and promise be designed at the core.

We’ll help you:
Define the patterns and systems that connect and underly your entire brand. Manifest a vision, then create the architecture on which it exists.

1. Discover and define who you are and how you speak.
2. Develop the system and approach for long term results.
3. Define the steps in building, adopting, and living the position.


At the centre of your visual brand is a symbol — a face to a name — a feeling to leave behind. Stand alone logos or complete icongraphy systems represent your entire organization on every piece of collateral.  

When crafted correctly, a strong identify system builds brand awareness, supports product offering, simplifies application and automates the future build of your brand.  

We’ll help you:
Create the visual mark that represents and stands as a north star for your entire brand.

1. Craft the symbol that represents your organization.
2. Design the family of iconography based on need and purpose
3. Define the rules, shortcuts, and ideas for application and reproduction


Good creative moves the mind, heart, and actions of your audience. Through language and visuals, we build the communication collateral and toolkits that support your goals and amplify the essence of your brand.

Medium and sector agnostic, our experience in creative direction and design application is unparalleled.

We’ll help you:
Develop high-performing creative through a clear and conceptual vision and voice. Build a brand narrative and a set of tools across all touch-points.

1. Design, test, and refine the core elements that represent your brand.
2. Develop a timeless identity system for immediate and future success.
3. Create brand toolkits and guidelines for consistent application across channels.
4. Bring a face to a name and compelling brand essence to all design and communication material.


Consumers are spending more time and money with organizations that exist for reasons beyond profit. And the next generation of workers is joining companies that they feel morally good about supporting.

A strategically built purpose helps build authentic connections with both your audiences and your employees. With architecture and emotion, we’ll help establish and communicate your sense of purpose beyond profit.

We’ll help you:
Discover, design, and communicate your company’s purpose. Create real business results alongside meaningful social and environmental impact.

1. Support the build of your purpose position.
Align your brand with cause-marketing initiatives.
Establish the architecture and ecosystem of your new position.
4. Drive the vision and creative that connects it all together.



Beyond supporting clients, we also develop our own business ventures. Through research, ideation, and development we bring social and environmental initiatives to the market.

What is a Social Enterprise?
A social enterprise is a business venture that works within the current for-profit system — but has a purpose beyond just making money. These initiatives are structured to serve people and the planet while generating income.

If you’re looking to fund, partner, or develop a social enterprise, we’d love to chat. Get in touch with us.


We solve creative problems in all mediums, sectors, and environments. Our partnerships transform organizations, business results, and change the world. Reach out to start your project.

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